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What awaits visitors to the Continental League finals on 13 and 14 August?

Posted on October 16, 2015 in categories: Affiliate Programs

The city's main eSports events of the summer in less than a day and the best LCL team are ready to fight for the title! Tickets left quite a bit, and it's time to introduce you to all the activities that await visitors VTB Ice Palace 13 and August 14!
Places at the stadium is almost over - if you put off the purchase of a ticket at the last moment, he had almost arrived! Join a huge community of fans and be prepared for a storm surprises that we have prepared for you!

During the finals in the stadium you will find hundreds of the best cosplayers CIS - do not miss the opportunity to make a bunch of cool pictures with your favorite characters League of Legends! Details here.

The final matches LCL visit our special guests - famous Russian athletes and, concurrently, the passionate fans of computer games: Nikita Konovalov Ivan Telegin Sergei Khandozhko, details of which you can find in the news. especially the computer, we invited legendary Diamondprox, which will serve as an analyst at these finals for the esports betting fans. Learn more here.

Within the walls of VTB Ice Palace will be a huge number of competitions in which we will raffle more than 600 unique souvenirs and three powerful gaming computer with the original design of the Continental League - details here.
In social networks, the official broadcast and the Ice Palace will be raffles of vouchers in Brazil - the winners will be able to witness the final of the qualifying tournament for the World Cup and cheer for the CIS representative! Details on the sweepstakes can be found in a special newsletter.

Sign up for an autograph session with professional players LCL, Sergei Chikhacheva - voice League of Legends, and invited guest Diamondprox you can follow this link.
In addition, the finals will be presented LCL shop unique collectible products League of Legends, in which you can buy figurines Champions, Timo hats and other souvenirs!

If you are unable to join us in the Ice Palace of VTB, we look forward to welcoming you to our official broadcast on! For all audiences, we have laid a plurality of gaming shares. Which ones? More information about them looking for here!
This action will also spread to our new project: broadcast the finals of the Continental League for beginners, where our special guests will introduce you to more professional scene League of Legends, and features of the game. How is this different from the usual broadcast? Find out in this newsletter!
Watch the game on the big screen in the cinema chain Cinema Park: on the official pages of the Continental League in social networks: VK,, Instagram, Twitter, Classmates. Records of all matches will promptly appear on our YouTube-channel.

And that's not all the surprises that await every visitor to this historic event! Gather your friends, participate in numerous drawings and active in the stadium cheer for your favorite team and enjoy the beautiful League of Legends!

Food at the stadium: you can bring food (confectionery in the package - ie a packet of biscuits or chocolate) are also allowed Bringing soft drinks in pristine plastic bag with a capacity of less than 500 ml (cans can not be). For the convenience of the fans in the lobby of the stadium will operate multiple power points and a café.
The temperature in the room: Though Gulch Summoner will be hot, but at the Ice Palace stadium is expected around 16-20 C °, or be sure to capture the warm clothes.