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Style and Evidence Use in Essay Writing

Posted on September 05, 2011 in categories: Uncategorized

Once you understand the question, and have managed to interpret it, you should have a clear understanding of the structure and style required to write your essay.


When it comes to style, it is about the economical use of words and phrases that will make up complete sentences. In essay writing, every sentence should have a clearly defined function and purpose. You should have no unnecessary or wasted words. Everything must be clear and to the point. This prevents the clarity of your thoughts, and arguments from getting obscured, leaving the reader wondering what exactly you are trying to say. Like a very old saying, “Keep It Simple Stupid” applies to every essay you write:

  1. Always choose short simple words over long, complicated and even possibly obscure ones.
  2. Only use the active voice whenever possible.
  3. Use nouns and verbs to explain what you mean.
  4. Use prepositions in place of prepositional phrases.
  5. Ensure that you use transitions in a clear and simple fashion to create fluency through your essay.


Using evidence that supports your arguments is a failing of many essay writers. The prevailing assumption is that we select and insert evidence to support and illustrate our arguments. While this can be sufficient, when used thoughtfully evidence can change the pace, the mood of our custom writing to make it more readable and to trigger empathetic responses in our readers.

Style alone cannot make an essay. It is the evidence that ultimately makes an essay worth something. Careful use of evidence will make your work a great deal more interesting to read, but also heighten its impact upon your readership.