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October, 24, 2011

Rewriting and Proofreading Essays: The Secret to Success

At some point in any student's academic career, there will be an assignment, probably an essay that is going to get left to the last minute

October, 17, 2011

Essay Writing Style

Writing essays is not easy. A lot of work is required in terms or reading, research, planning, writing, editing and proofreading before you can turn in an essay.

October, 10, 2011

Writing Essays: A Step by Step

Anybody who has even the most limited experience in custom writing can tell you it takes a lot of concentration, dedication and hard work.

October, 03, 2011

How to write a good essay

While writing essay the most important thing is to keep it as short as possible.

September, 26, 2011

College Essays: A Revision Checklist

Revision and even studying for any essay is rarely as simple as getting all the facts, memorizing them all and the regurgitating them on to the page.

September, 19, 2011

Developing Your Writing Skills

There are many ways to develop your writing skills. The most common way that your skill will develop is through written assignments assigned at university.

September, 12, 2011

Interpreting an Essay Question

The process of interpreting an essay question is crucial to writing not just a successful essay, but will also help you avoid spending hour barking up the wrong tree

September, 05, 2011

Style and Evidence Use in Essay Writing

In order to use style and evidence effectively, you need to integrate it into your essay by following our tips.

August, 29, 2011

College Essays: What is the Right Topic?

How do you choose a topic for your college essay? Read our tips in choosing a perfect topic for your college admission essay.

July, 18, 2011

All about an Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is a succinct piece of writing in which the student is required to collect details, investigate the authenticity of the subject, analyze all the information, examine the evidence and link the topic to the information gathered or to facts already known.