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December, 21, 2010

How to Write a Topic Sentence

The first step to defining some rules on how to create a well-written topic sentence is to ask yourself what your paragraph is about. Think for a while why have you chosen the information that is included in your paragraph. Is this paragraph important for making a point that are you trying to make?

December, 19, 2010

How to Write an Essay Introduction

Do you know why essay introductions and conclusions are so important while writing essays? Each essay is unique and much attention is paid exactly to the way and the correctness of writing these two parts of any academic essay. As you understand there is no clear formula for writing an introduction that would suit each type of essays, but there are some general rules that would be useful for you to know. You can not focus on each detail of writing but there are some points that are necessary to pay your attention to. Our guideline is aimed at providing you a reliable assistance while creating a suitable beginning for your essay.