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May, 30, 2011

Writing Persuasive Essays

The challenge facing a student tackling a persuasive essay is to take a proposition which has two opposing sides and - using proof, argument and reason - convince the reader that the writer's side is right and the other is wrong.Emotional and rational approaches can be used when stating arguments but for academic papers emotional arguments are only acceptable when aimed at specific target audiences. The primary purpose of a persuasive essay is to prove a certain point or, at least, to make readers aware of a particular opinion. Persuading anyone to change his or her ideas is no easy task. In order to succeed you will need to be familiar with every aspect of the topic, collect all the relevant information, decide on the approach to take and address yourself to your readers in a friendly, but not over-familiar, tone.

May, 23, 2011

Writing an Exploratory Essay

Argumentative and exploratory essays are two quite different things. An exploratory essay is completely different from any other type of essay you will have written up till now. In this type of writing you do not have to validate the statement of your essay, instead you have to define a set of problems and then suggest viable solutions.However, giving suggestions is not the only thing you have to deal with in an exploratory essay. You also have to put your thinking powers to good use analyzing the problem and coming up with the most appropriate solution. Your research should attempt to answer questions beginning with the words: how, when, where and why. This approach is invaluable if you wish to carry out research effectively. Your thinking powers will automatically enhance your writing; if you are able to concentrate and prevent your thoughts from wandering half your task is already complete.

May, 16, 2011

Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay

The compare and contrast approach is used when a writer is required to investigate the similarities and differences between two ideas.When writing a compare and contrast essay you must make sure that you understand the major differences and similarities between your subjects. Adding a visual aspect to your essay with illustrations and diagrams will be very helpful in getting your ideas across. By using Venn diagrams, for example, you can avoid writing lengthy explanations of complicated statistical information.

May, 09, 2011

Making Effective PowerPoint Presentations

Sometimes the obligatory PowerPoint presentation can be a tiresome ordeal for both audience and presenter, leaving everyone wandering, "Who in their right mind could have invented this apparently necessary evil of the modern age?" There are times, however, when a nicely done PowerPoint presentation can enhance the overall impact of your message.So, whether it is your own decision or your instructor’s to present your thesis using PowerPoint, here are a few essential tips that will help you to make it really stand out.

May, 02, 2011

How to Get Rid of the Most Common Essay Writing Errors

Some people are blessed with natural writing talents but many of us dread the thought of even having to write a single paragraph. Writing is a complex and serious task and not just a matter of selecting a few words. Things like editing, formatting, correcting grammar and spelling mistakes all need to be taken into account and handled with assurance.Writing an effective essay requires considerable effort. As a student, the papers you have to write can make or break your grade. Writing could be regarded as the reflection of a writer’s soul. If you would like some advice on avoiding common essay writing errors and how to make a good impression on your readers, read on.