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March, 27, 2011

Writing an Annotated Bibliography

Before you start writing an annotated bibliography, make sure you know enough about this type of assignment. Firstly, you should define whether your annotated bibliography is a separate project or a part of the larger one. Anyway, it is always written in an alphabetical list and presents the account of the research done on a given topic. Basically, it is a concise summary of each source. Widely, it also gives a kind of assessment of the value of each source.

March, 25, 2011

Tips for Writing Exam Essays

There are two steps of taking any essay exam irrespective of the subject and discipline. It is obvious that before taking an exam you should prepare well and practice. This is the first one while another is the process of giving an answer to your exam question in your essay. Let’s discuss these major steps for you to take a final step with flying colors.

March, 23, 2011

Academic Proposal Writing

What is an academic proposal? It is a type of writing that serves as the preliminary paper to creating a major project, such as a thesis. Its purpose is to convince the reader (an admission committee or a professor) that the topic chosen for the research is worth to be developed.

March, 20, 2011

Writing the Abstract

Do you know what an abstract is? It is a short description of a written document which is often required of students to be handed in along with other papers. The main purpose of any abstract is to provide relevant information about the document so that readers could get the bare-bones information on the content without reading the text itself.

March, 17, 2011

How To Write a Comparative Essay

What is a comparative essay? This type of an essay requires you to compare at least two items. For example, you may be asked to compare figures, texts, theories, events, positions on an issue. When you are given to write a comparative essay, you should consider similarities and differences of the contrasted items.