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January, 06, 2011

How to Write a Clear Thesis Statement

An essay without a clear thesis statement is likely to be failed. Actually, when you need to write an essay with an argument, you should construct a clear statement that is to be put is the first paragraph of an essay. Our guideline aims at helping you create a good thesis statement, although there are no specific rules for writing thesis statements.

January, 05, 2011

How to Write an Essay Conclusion

Writing a strong essay conclusion can become a winning point of your essay writing. Conclusion provides a sense of closure to the essay and if it adds a stimulus to further thought, your essay will be assessed with the highest grade. Our short guideline gives you some general information on writing perfect conclusions, however, you should take into consideration that there are no strict rules for writing this part of an essay. Different types of essays have their own expectations about the endings and we give you only some useful directions.